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The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation lives at the epicenter of everything we do. Comprising over 26 million objects, this significant collection empowers us to connect global audiences to stories of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation that continue to evolve and influence today’s breakthroughs.

It is our mission to make this content accessible and relevant to modern learners across the globe, creating new, 21st-century digital tools to meet user needs both virtually and on the floor of the museum. We will build on our current digital foundation to extend our mission and inspire innovators, entrepreneurs and learners of all ages.

We are seeking $53 million through current and endowed support to grow and sustain new cutting-edge digital accessibility efforts and deeper engagement with artifacts both physically and virtually, such as:

  • Create and curate relevant and valuable content as part of our digital content engine
  • Growth and stewardship of the Archive of American Innovation, which includes the physical stewardship of the archive
  • Innovation curriculum development and deployment in an accessible and inclusive way
  • New digital experiences on the floor of Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in our six connected areas of innovation

Learn how you can support our new digital learning tools.

The Importance of Digital Learning and Development Tools

Digital learning tools are essential for today's and tomorrow's connected learners. Business leaders have identified a critical need for new strategies in education that align with the needs of a globalized 21st century workforce. The Henry Ford is using digital learning tools to close this gap through:

  • Accessibility for all learners: Accessibility features in digital learning tools let learners of all abilities gain knowledge on their terms.
  • Expanded learning opportunities: Digital learning tools empower learners to access information from across the world in a few clicks, presses or taps. Our digital collections and other online resources allow learners to enjoy these experiences from wherever they are.
  • Providing the tools to equip learners to meet growing challenges: In today's world, technology evolves at an advanced pace. In order to stay relevant, learners must use digital learning tools to meet the challenges posed in our ever-changing world.

The Innovation Project creates opportunities to leverage digital learning tools to inspire tomorrow's innovators.

Digital Learning Opportunities at The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford is committed to positively impacting all audiences and inspiring the next generation of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs through our digital resources. Our Archive of American Innovation serves as the cornerstone for all of our learning experiences, programs, and curricula. Current digital learning opportunities include:

  • Collections: The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation™ contains more than 26 million objects, documents, and stories. We have digitized tens of thousands of artifacts to make our collections accessible to learners across the globe.
  • Resources: Our online archive and research resources include highlights from the Archive of American Innovation, Connect 3 videos and other digital curated collection sets, interviews with innovators, and more.
  • Exhibits: Digital experiences on The Henry Ford's campus further enhance the physical spaces. These experiences include interactive digital columns on the floor of Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, multisensory experiences at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, in the Heroes of the Sky exhibit, and the 4k Giant Screen Experience. The THF Connect app will transform your visit with curator-led audio tours, augmented reality experiences, an interactive map and more.

With your support, students, inventors, entrepreneurs and the workforce of tomorrow can access The Henry Ford's Archive of American Innovation, activating our digital learning resources and content in ever-expanding ways for generations to come.

Impact of Digital Learning Through the Innovation Project

With the Innovation Project, we will invest in accessible and inclusive learning through digital tools, experiential programs and exhibitions, and innovation, invention and entrepreneurial education. We aspire to engage and inspire:

  • 40,000 Detroit Public Schools Community District students with free field trip admission and Innovate Curriculum
  • 20 million global learners through online connections
  • 500,000+ students to participate in Invention Conventions across the country
  • 1 million students with access to The Henry Ford through field trips
  • 10 million visitors to our venues
  • 400 million visitors with stories of entrepreneurship and innovation through our award-winning national television programs, The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation and Did I Mention Invention?

We can only achieve this vision with your support.

How You Can Help Us Create New Digital Learning Experiences

With your support, millions of learners can draw upon The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation, an unparalleled collection of 26 million artifacts, documents, and stories that shed light on the way people have innovated across 300 years of American history. It is our mission to make this content accessible and relevant to modern learners across the globe, creating new, 21st century digital learning tools to meet user needs both virtually and on the floor of the museum. Support The Innovation Project today.



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