The Henry Ford Innovation Project

A Force for Change



The Henry Ford is redefining what a museum can be and do as a force for change in education and society.

From inequality to inclusiveness.

The Henry Ford believes in making access to the core ideas that have shaped America available to everyone. For this reason, we work continually to remove barriers to accessing our content in both the digital and physical realms.

A commitment to closing the talent gap.

Inspired by Henry Ford’s vision, today we are beginning to advance a commitment to change lives and help shape a better future through leveraging the power of our collections. With your support, millions of learners can draw upon The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation, an unparalleled collection of 26 million artifacts, documents and stories that shed light on the way people have innovated across 300 years of American history.

Preparing the innovation generation.

Our collections serve as the foundation for groundbreaking learning programs adopted by educators nationwide. Most recently, we have introduced the Model I learning framework, which serves as the cornerstone for a new innovation curriculum. In 1999, we launched Henry Ford Academy, a unique collaboration among a history museum, a global corporate partner and public education. In addition, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, our Emmy award-winning television program, shares stories of real-life innovators with millions of viewers each week.

The Innovation Project will make many more initiatives like these possible.


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